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Peelerz Gummy Banana

Peelerz Gummy Banana

**Gummy Peelers Candy – Peel, Eat, and Enjoy!**

Unwrap a world of fruity fun with Gummy Peelers Candy! These delightful treats combine the joy of peeling with the sweetness of gummy goodness. Each piece is a vibrant, multicolored strip designed to be peeled apart layer by layer, revealing a burst of intense, mouth-watering flavors. Perfect for kids and adults alike, Gummy Peelers offer a playful and tasty way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Key Features:

Peelable Fun: Each gummy strip is designed for easy peeling, providing an interactive and engaging experience.
Bursting with Flavor: Enjoy a mix of delicious fruit flavors in every layer, including strawberry, orange, lemon, and green apple.
Bright and Colorful: Eye-catching, multicolored strips make snack time visually exciting.
Soft and Chewy: Crafted with the perfect gummy texture for a satisfying chew.
Shareable Treat: Ideal for parties, lunchboxes, or just a fun snack to shar


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