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Astro Sweets Freeze Dried Stardust

Astro Sweets Freeze Dried Stardust

3, 2, 1… blast off to out of this world FLAVOR and CRUNCH!

Did you know? Freeze dried foods were originally developed to feed astronauts for long journeys in space. The process removes moisture, which extends the shelf life, concentrates the flavor and makes the texture super crunchy!

Sugar Planet is using this unique technology to turn your favorite candies into homemade crunchy, flavor-packed Astro Sweets and bring them to you, here on earth. Embrace your inner astronaut and try the viral candy sensation that has the whole world craving a totally new candy taste, texture and adventure!

Astro Sweets’ Stardust takes your favorite juicy, fruity, chewy candy and makes them crunchy and flavorful for the aspiring astronaut on earth or in space.

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