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Cow Tales

Cow Tales

Caramel and cow fans will find a Goetze’s® Cow Tales® udder-ly irresistible. The classic chewy caramel sticks and iconic cream filling have been crowd favorites since 1984.

Mix and match your order between original Vanilla, Oreo, Chocolate Brownie, Caramel Apple and Strawberry Smoothie (minimum 5 per purchase.)

From: $4.95

Product Quantity

Cow Tales Vanilla

$0.99 each

83 in stock

Cow Tales Chocolate

$0.99 each

116 in stock

Cow Tales Caramel Apple

$0.99 each

31 in stock

Cow Tales Strawberry

$0.99 each

63 in stock

Oreo Cow Tale

$0.99 each

3 in stock

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