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Pop Rocks (Assorted Flavors)

Pop Rocks (Assorted Flavors)

Pop rocks: urban legend or just a great candy?!?! As they melt in your mouth, they pop and crackle and throw a real party in your mouth! We have classic flavors, like cherry and orange, which you may remember from your childhood. And you can also try some of their new flavors like Blue Razz, Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Watermelon and even Crackling Gum.

Mix and match flavors to reach the minimum of 5 per purchase. 0.33 oz per package.

From: $9.95

Product Quantity

Pop Rock-Bl Razz

$1.99 each

74 in stock

Pop Rocks Strawberry

$1.99 each

29 in stock

Pop Rocks Cotton Candy

$1.99 each

19 in stock

Pop Rock Watermelon

$1.99 each

31 in stock

Pop Rock's Crackling Gum

$1.99 each

30 in stock

Pop Rock Grape

$1.99 each

47 in stock

Pop Rocks Green Apple

Temporarily unavailable

Pop Rock Cherry

$1.99 each

26 in stock

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