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Squishmallows- Silver

Squishmallows- Silver

Squishmallows collectors and fans rejoice! Sugar planet is proud to carry the softest, squishiest, cutest plushies around.

Silver is a 7.5 inch can of gummy worms. They have three stripes of color on the main part of their body, the top being pink, the middle being green, and the bottom being purple. On the green stripe, there is a label colored in white that reads “GUMMY WORMS”. On the top of their head, it is yellow, with 3 gummy worms poking out with the colors of blue, pink, and green. On the pink stripe is a smiling face with open eyes.

Silver specializes in horoscopes and has their own weekly column in the local paper. They reference a huge astrology book with all the planetary meanings and explanations to help them write the weekly horoscopes. Will you let Silver read your birth chart?


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