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Swirl Lollipops- Assorted Sizes

Swirl Lollipops- Assorted Sizes

Our Sugar Planet Swirl Pop lollipops are whimsical, vibrant, and utterly delicious. Each meticulously crafted lollipop features mesmerizing swirls and a burst of flavor in every lick. They come in many sizes, so choose the right size for an upcoming party, gift or just a sweet treat anytime. Dive into a swirl of sweetness today!

From: $3.99

Product Quantity

Sugar Planet Swirl Pop

$3.99 each

128 in stock

100g Swirl Pop

$5.99 each

76 in stock

Giant Lollipop 500g/ 17.64oz

$14.99 each

10 in stock

Giant Lollipop 10.58oz

$7.50 each

20 in stock

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